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KJ Apa and Katelyn Smelcer are expecting a baby boy

KJ Apa and Katelyn Smelcer are expecting a baby boy

Scotty McCreery and wife Gabi welcome their first baby boy (above, with the new little guy, below).

KJ Apa and his fiancée, Katelyn Smelcer, announced they are welcoming a baby boy on July 9.

A source close to the couple tells Us Weekly, “KJ and Katelyn have been trying for almost as long as they’ve been dating.”

“He always feels like a second or third choice,” the insider explains. “It’s not because he’s not compatible, which he is. But he doesn’t think she’s all that great.”

KJ’s fiancé, Katelyn, says she is “not surprised” that her boyfriend’s future fatherhood is in the works.

“I know KJ has always wanted to have a son and he really wanted to have one with me,” she told Us. “We were really excited to be adding a little family member to the family.”

She added, “I mean, it’s not like I don’t have my own dreams to accomplish in my life.”

KJ is so in love with his fiancée, he doesn’t think about his own biological clock.

“He wouldn’t think of being a father in the near future because he doesn’t think about his own biological clock,” a source close to KJ told Us.

“He doesn’t think it’s going to happen until he gets that ring in his hand,” the insider continued.

A big part of the pregnancy has been spent getting ready to walk down the aisle.

“They got engaged a little less than two months ago and things have been going well,” the insider says. “They’re actually planning to marry in August. They want it to be a church wedding.”

They’re also getting ready for their first baby.

“They’re trying to do the same thing that they did for their wedding,” the

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