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Idaho Police Say They Have No Evidence of Shootings

Idaho Police Say They Have No Evidence of Shootings

‘We Do Not Have a Suspect,’ the Police Say After Idaho Killings

The Idaho town of Pocatello is in a state of shock after the deaths of three teenagers this weekend — two boys and a girl in a car, along with a man who was trying to rescue their vehicle after it got stuck in the snow.

Police and state officials were unable to provide any clues Thursday about the shooters or their suspected motives.

The girls are from Montana. The driver of the vehicle that crashed into a bar and later came to rest in the snow was identified as 24-year-old Jason Daniel Johnson, who is being treated at a hospital with serious injuries.

Both boys, the girls’ cousins, were found unresponsive inside the vehicle. One survived, and was airlifted to a hospital. The second boy died, and preliminary information suggests he was killed trying to save the car in which he was trapped.

Two days later, Friday, police said they were closing in on the suspects, but they would not identify people or offer details about the crime.

“This was a tragic incident, and I want to thank everyone for your support,” said Chief Tony Mancuso at a press conference.

Local officials said they have no suspects and are not releasing any information regarding the crime, as there is no suspect in custody.

‘We Are All on the Same Team’

Some things are clear after what happened in Idaho this past weekend.

First, the motive. The shooter, Johnson was “high on methamphetamine,” according to one Idaho news report.

There’s no evidence that the teens or the driver had been involved in any other crime in the state, either.

The boys had been in a car accident the night before, and after returning home “the girls were acting out and the male driver became angry and the boys were getting into the car and trying to drive.”

But, police say, the boys got out of the car, and then the driver started driving it into the snow along Highway 86. The car then hit a bar and “crashed into a ditch.”

The driver apparently attempted to get

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