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German President Joachim Gauck meets with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu

German President Joachim Gauck meets with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu

Uganda’s President Museveni slams ‘Western double standards’ over Germany coal mine plans

Uganda’s president Museveni on Friday said he was “very angry” at the “Western double standards” which suggested that the new German coal processing plant in the east of the country would create jobs for Germany while the country would be left to suffer if it did not receive jobs.

“We are saying to Germany: we need jobs,” Museveni said while visiting the German embassy in Kigali. “I am very angry at the Western double standards.”

Kigali – (AFP) – German President Joachim Gauck met with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Friday, and their two-hour private meeting in Israel focused on trade and security issues.

At the end of a two-day visit to Israel, the German leader returned to Germany by helicopter with his wife and children after a private lunch with Netanyahu at the Israel State Library.

The German leader’s visit to Tel Aviv marks his first foreign trip since securing a four-year term as German president last year.

“I am on a visit to Israel, not to Germany,” said Gauck at his meeting at the country’s President Agenda Beach hotel, a landmark address from the president of the world’s second-largest economy.

In his visit for the first time to Israel, the leader was due to meet both Netanyahu and his political rival, Yitzchak Rabin, whose remains were laid to rest the day before at Jerusalem’s Mount of Olives cemetery in a moving ceremony.

A German government official said on Friday that Gauck and Netanyahu discussed “important issues such as the state of the EU, investment, strengthening security” among other issues.

The official said the two leaders would make several announcements on the economy in Germany on Saturday and Sunday.

Gauck met in the afternoon with Netanyahu to review the progress of the German-Israeli co-operation in energy and the development of cooperation on security, as the German government seeks to establish a diplomatic foothold in the Middle East without the explicit involvement of the West bloc.

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