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Why Should Jon Jones Have a Chance at Fighting Anderson Silva?

Why Should Jon Jones Have a Chance at Fighting Anderson Silva?

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Just a few short hours ago, I wrote a piece entitled “Joe Rogan Has It and It’s Complicated” wherein I laid out a rather simple argument for why I believe Jon Jones is the best lightweight in the world and should be in the top 20 pound-for-pound fighters in the world. I put forward this information for those who are interested in the fight and those who are interested in what I believe the fight should and could be. Since then, it has become quite apparent that Jones is not getting his due.

Jones’ camp has been telling everyone that he has not been signed by the UFC as of yet and they have been trying to convince the media that his title shot will be next week. That said, their argument is that Jones should have been signed already and that this is more of a matter of time than anything. They have been trying to convince the media that this fight is not a true title shot, but rather is to just get himself to the top of the lightweight division in the UFC. This comes on the heels of the statement made by Dana White when he stated that this is not a title shot, but instead is a title defense to see if his next opponent has it more than him.

Of course, Anderson Silva is the UFC’s top lightweight and Jones has been able to do nothing but beat him. With that though, the question must be asked: why should Jones have a shot at fighting him? The answer seems to be that he will be fighting a fighter that is undefeated and does not have a single loss in the UFC. For people who have followed the sport for a while know the type of fighter that he is and how he has been able to get himself to the top, but it does not make him the best lightweight boxer in the world. The problem is many fighters see him as a top-flight boxer and fail to really look at the fight as a whole and consider it as Jones’ best chance at becoming legit as a boxing.

I have written a similar article about the issue here, but it is only going to be of some small purpose: Jones should not fight Anderson Silva for the right reasons. The title is not the title, just in case people didn’t get it, he won his title by defeating Anderson Silva. When it comes down to it

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