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Tom Horne Resigns from Transportation Corridor Agency

Tom Horne Resigns from Transportation Corridor Agency

Orange County Transportation Corridors Agencies head resigns after investigation into alleged misconduct

By Scott MacAlister

The Transportation Corridor Agencies head, who helped spearhead the creation of the 11-member elected body that oversees the agency’s 1,000 miles of corridors, has resigned, according to The Times-Star.

The Times-Star says the resignation is effective immediately.

In a letter to the agency’s board and executive committee, the president and CEO of the agency, Tom Horne, says he decided to resign after an inquiry prompted by a Times-Star article on April 26th.

Horne began serving on the board March 20, 2014.

He was named the agency’s president and CEO in August of 2013.

He helped orchestrate the creation of the agency, which is responsible for “maintaining major transportation corridors throughout the county,” according to its 2014-15 business plan.

After the Times-Star published its investigation on April 26, five of the 11 board members called for Horne to resign.

“It is clear that you are unable to work with our new members and members you work with on a daily basis in a positive and productive manner,” board chairwoman and Los Angeles County Supervisor Sheila Kuehl said in her initial letter to Horne.

The board and Horne then spent the rest of the month trying to get resolution to the issue, but to no avail.

On Tuesday, the board voted 4-1 to ask Horne to resign. At least one board member voted against the resignation, and another abstained.

“I am so proud to be a part of the Transportation Corridor Agency and I am so proud of the work we have done to improve our city and the county,” Horne told the board and Kuehl in the Tuesday morning meeting.

In his letter of resignation, Horne said, “I sincerely want to apologize to all elected members of the agency. I accept the decision of the board that I resign and do not want to represent the agency that I spent most of my career helping to build.”

Horne has not yet replied to The Times-Star’s request for

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