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The Legalization of Medical Marijuana in Utah

The Legalization of Medical Marijuana in Utah

Marijuana Majority is a group of medical professionals whose medical expertise leads them to believe the legalization of cannabis will dramatically improve quality of life and treatment for Americans living with debilitating diseases and conditions.

The group was formed with the goal of improving access to medical marijuana through education and advocacy at the state level.

The group, whose members include doctors, researchers and advocates, has launched the Potency Project which will track drug safety and efficacy, develop an online database of cannabis-related health literature and track the impact of state-legalization efforts.

The group wants to make a positive impact on the lives of millions of Americans who live with chronic or debilitating medical conditions which cannabis can treat. While the group has its sights set on California, the group is now looking at states like New York and Utah.

While there hasn’t been much coverage of marijuana reform efforts in Utah, there has been a lot of attention surrounding legal marijuana in California — one of the first states to approve recreational marijuana.

In 2017, the law took effect which legalized medical marijuana and legalized the sale of both medical and recreational cannabis. In 2020, the law will also allow for the purchase, possession and safe transportation of marijuana.

The state has a great deal of medical marijuana programs in place. According to a Utah Department of Agriculture report, there are more than 2,100 registered patients with over 2,300 providers in the state with roughly 10,000 caregivers.

There’s no doubt that with the law, medical marijuana is going to get much better. What’s uncertain right now is how much.

Utah is still the 10th least populous state in the nation by population and according to the Census Bureau, they have 30 percent less people in Utah than they did in 1950.

With the passage of Proposition 2, the state’s population has increased by 300,000 residents from the 2010 Census. The population is expected to grow just as rapidly in the years to come.

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