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The First Week of September in San Francisco

The First Week of September in San Francisco

Your Challenge? Turn an Old Rug Into a New Fall Jacket.

I think it’s safe to say that every fall in San Francisco is different than the one before — from heat to sun to rain, and I do mean rain — and the first one is the most important. And it is no exception to this rule, as the first week of September is also the most treacherous.

There is a saying in the Pacific Northwest, “The first hurricane is the last one.” I’d even say we don’t experience many but rather experience all of them…as I like to say, that first week of summer is like a storm, an actual storm, when every year, we experience a storm.

That first week of September, the rains come in. The rain is a constant thing for the San Francisco Bay Area, and you can tell right away when the last storm has passed. There is a long wait for a few days, when it just rains everywhere in earnest. It can mean three days, or maybe it will be two. The rain is heavy and steady and I am reminded of the weather in San Diego when I leave my air conditioned house to head outside and what I see is a constant drizzle that comes in waves and is heavy at times.

And then there’s the sun. How many times have I been to the beach during the summer and the sun is out?! It’s like a spotlight is shining down on your body, on your skin, and it makes you feel super hot. It makes you happy to be warm.

Then, there’s the heat. During the summer, I can be in the shade, under the umbrella, or in the sunshine; in fall, it’s all about the heat. It’s the ultimate feeling of relaxation and comfort. Every season, I’ve tried to embrace the heat and it’s

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