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The End of Kanye West’s Fashion Empire

The End of Kanye West's Fashion Empire

What Does the End of Yeezy Mean for the Sneakerverse?

It’s no secret that the brand is on a tear, and that hasn’t helped Kanye West’s popularity. It has also not helped the perception of the sneaker market. In the past year, Nike is losing revenue, which is a lot more worrisome than the fact that Kanye West is winning. So what does this mean for Kanye’s long-term future? Find out after the break.

For anyone who saw this coming, the end of Kanye West’s fashion empire hasn’t been a surprise. After all, Kanye didn’t exactly go quietly into that good night. Kanye has always been a business man, and he has the same vision for the brand as his music. Kanye didn’t just take his popular footwear brand and fold it into his music. He re-launched his fashion brand, and is now in talks with a few companies.

For those who have been lucky enough to see him live, Kanye seems like a very humble, quiet man. Of all his recent shows, there was one show where he had everyone on stage — just a handful of people in the middle of the audience, but still — and he got the crowd going. His crowd never seems to get quiet, and he seems to always take his time connecting with people, never rushed. His music rarely seems to slow down, and he has a way of captivating crowds for hours.

This is the man who has used his music to propel a brand that could have never been viable. The one who turned a brand that was on the verge of failure into an idea that is now on the verge of becoming reality. His music has become so popular that Nike, Adidas, and other apparel companies just can’t keep up with all the demand, and even when they do, their stock prices are always down.

As for Kanye West’s upcoming music, he has been working on a collection of new music for the last couple of years as well as his classic album, Graduation, which is set for release in 2013. The “Famous” rapper did say that much of his upcoming

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