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The Best Strategy for Wining a Presidential Election

The Best Strategy for Wining a Presidential Election

A Tale of Two Weddings: Trump and Biden

Let’s say that Donald Trump and Joe Biden make the wedding of the century. We must now ask ourselves, however, whether the best-laid plans of political operatives can also be a recipe for disaster.

While there’s no doubt that the United States is a polarized nation – and that there are divisions in our political culture that have been around for decades – it’s also true that there’s one area where our nation and our presidential campaigns really do speak the same language. It’s that of our two leading presidential candidates, Donald Trump and Joe Biden.

The two men have always been at loggerheads as to what sort of the country we want. Both men have wanted a more global government. Both men would like to ban Muslims from entering the country, and both seem to agree that the United States should begin deporting the undocumented workers who are here.

Trump wants to move the United States to be more like Western European countries like France. Biden wanted to move the United States to Mexico. Trump wants more taxes on businesses. Biden wants to cut the corporate taxes. Trump wants to lower taxes for the rich. Biden wants to reduce taxes for the poor. Trump wants to increase regulations on the business community. Joe Biden wants less regulation as he wants to free up the economy.

Both men have strong views about immigration. Both men are anti-trade unions. Each man has anti-abortion views. Both men also disagree on some of the most important issues of our time, such as taxes, gun control, the health care industry, immigration, and climate change – to name just a few.

And so it comes as no surprise that each presidential candidate would like to win this election more than the other.

But which man has the more important and accurate strategy?

The truth is that you cannot win a presidential election without a strategy, and both Donald Trump and Joe Biden have strong, if not equally impressive, strategies for winning this election. But which of the two men

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