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The Baylands: A Sanctuary for Marine Life

The Baylands: A Sanctuary for Marine Life

Coveted oceanfront land in Ventura County will become a nature preserve, part of an ambitious program planned for the entire county.

The idea is to plant native plants which native animals prefer, on a large portion of undeveloped land in Ventura County. Once the area’s endangered species are successfully incorporated into the new plantings, the idea is to create a “superior ecosystem.”

In this video, the California Nature Association explains how the new plantings will be created, who they will be planted with, and why it’s important that the animals that are already there are protected and are provided with a habitat.

The area will be a sanctuary for many different kinds of marine life. This video explains the plans as well as the reasons it makes sense.

“There is a very significant level of importance to the marine life in the baylands and that’s due to the fact that the baylands have all the species that the Bay Area has, but also have all the species found in the waters of the Great Lakes.

The baylands cover 40-percent of the county, but the marine life represents over 90 percent of that. This area has a lot of diversity. It’s got a lot of it. It has a lot of it. The baylands cover 50-feet deep, and it’s just got a ton of things.”

“That’s what’s really special about it. It’s diverse because it’s just got a lot of different habitats. And it’s unique, there’s no other habitat like this in the world.

This is a unique place where so many different species live. When you talk about it in terms of diversity, there’s a lot of things. There’s a lot of things. And you’ve got a lot of different species of marine life and there’s a lot of life in the baylands. It’s amazing.”

The project will be the largest project in the county since it was established. It will be a place with a lot of wildlife.

The baylands is often referred to as the Central Coast. Much of it is considered natural

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