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Sophia, 22, is expecting her fourth child

Sophia, 22, is expecting her fourth child

‘Ellen Show’ sensation Sophia Grace reveals she is pregnant in viral video

The 22-year-old is due to give birth in December 2019.

In an emotional video where Sophia, who has previously shared on the Ellen show, is seen crying and expressing her joy that she is expecting, the singer said that she wanted to be an example to other young women.

She said: “I have so many dreams, I have so many aspirations, I have so many dreams. My one dream is that I can change the world. I can make someone’s day, I can help someone, and give them something that they need. And if I have anything to say then, it’s only to myself, you have to believe in yourself, you have to be yourself, and you can do things that you never thought possible.”

She went on to say that she wanted to be an example to other young women, who often feel as though their dreams are unattainable.

She continued: “And honestly… I think that I can make a difference because I am a mother and a daughter… my older sister has told me that I am the inspiration of her younger self because I have a voice now. Everything that I do, I do with my voice… I don’t know how to be ordinary yet, I’m just trying to be me.”

Sophia has said that even though she had hoped for a “perfect” pregnancy, she is ready for the reality to set in. She recently revealed that she had a feeling that she was pregnant for the fourth time after she was told by her doctor that she is due to give birth in the last few months of the year.

Ellen has been a huge supporter of Sophia’s, and has appeared on her show when she has been suffering from a stomach bug and suffered from morning sickness.

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