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Roger Federer to play his final Grand Slam match against Novak Djokovic

Roger Federer to play his final Grand Slam match against Novak Djokovic

Roger Federer set to play ‘special’ final match of career on Friday with Rafael Nadal

In the same week he was bidding for a record 12th Grand Slam title, Roger Federer is set to play his final match of a career which started on his 10th birthday at Wimbledon in 1990. It comes after more than 40 years since the Swiss former world number one was defeated by his childhood hero, Novak Djokovic.

At 28 years of age Federer is in the best shape of his career, and though his win-loss ratio is an enviable 59-29 in the last three years of his career, he has made no secret of his desire to play the final on Friday. He has played in 12 finals and with a record of 18-2 against Djokovic at Grand Slams, the two meet again for the first time at the US Open in July.

Federer said: “For me, the final is pretty special, I think it’s the only grand slam where I can say I have played in a game in the final where I have had a chance to win the grand slam. And that’s pretty special.”

Federer, who is expected to retire at the end of the year after Wimbledon and two more Grand Slam titles this year, said: “I don’t really know if I have a target. I am very happy with the way my tennis is working. I haven’t had a few months where I don’t play well, but I have played really well for two months now, so the pressure is off and, to be honest, I am enjoying it. “

Asked if he has thought about playing against Djokovic again, Federer said: “Yes, I have. I think about it at every Grand Slam. I really just want another match against the guy who I haven’t been able to beat since I was like 15 years old. I’d love to have another chance against him, and I think he will play good, too.”

Djokovic has played in 40 grand slam finals and is a five-time champion. “I would say that I haven’t been up against guys so tough since I was 15, so that’s great,” the Serb captain said. He said he would be happy to take on Djokovic again but has not discussed the match.

“Obviously, I have to think about it, and I am very happy where my

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