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Migos Takes The Stage Again

Migos Takes The Stage Again

‘My heart is shattered’: Band mates Offset and Quavo honor Migos rapper Takeoff

It’s been a few days since Migos headlined the iHeartRadio Music Festival in Las Vegas, and they got their time to shine. When they arrived, the stage quickly filled with their entourage – including Offset and Quavo. They took the stage together and introduced Migos as their “godfather.”

The rest of the stage started off with Migos’ new song “Hollow.” It was a slow groove song that really spoke to the fans as they walked through the festival. And the crowd cheered and clapped along with the performance.

But that was only the beginning of the story, because Migos took the stage again later in the night and performed a freestyle rap called “Dip.” And as the rest of the stage took the stage, Migos took the stage, too, and performed “Makes Me Miss You,” a single off their newest album, Culture II (due out Sept. 25).

Majical Cloudz took to the stage during his set, but he was quickly joined by Offset, Quavo, Mike Jones, and Offset’s friend and collaborator, Yung Gravy. Offset went to the stage with Migos early on in their set, and as time went on, he kept getting up at the mic. Once it was just him on the stage, the fans were thrilled to be able to see Offset again.

During his set, Offset introduced Quavo and Mike, while he and Quavo kept talking to the crowd to give them a little something extra. Quavo thanked the band for giving him a new life at their show. Offset then spoke, about how happy he was to play for Migos and how excited he was about Culture II, saying, “It was a good year. I could not have asked for a better year.”

Before the band took the stage again, they performed “Boom.” It was a fun track, as Quavo took the mic, with Offset sitting in the audience doing the choreography.

During their set, Migos played “Makes Me Miss You.” Offset had fun with the freestyle, which he did for more

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