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Lionel Richie is a rare guest at a Rock & Roll induction

Lionel Richie is a rare guest at a Rock & Roll induction

Lionel Richie calls girlfriend Lisa Parigi, 40 years his junior: ‘My heart’ during Rock & Roll induction ceremony

Lionel Richie is making a rare appearance for a Rock & Roll induction because he fears he’d slip up and offend some attendees.

As a 20-year-old, he was discovered by legendary guitar hero Les Paul – who later gave his name to the instrument he invented.

The singer-songwriter from West Hartford, Connecticut, has been with his girlfriend of 40 years, Lisa Parigi, for more than seven years.

Not only is Parigi the second most important woman in his life, she is also his manager and business partner.

It’s not easy to get the attention of the multi-millionaire. Even in his early 20s he had a bad habit of leaving his job at the post office and going home, according to his old friend and biographer, Richard Williams.

And he still does this sometimes, his lawyer says.

‘He sometimes feels he needs to be home, but he knows that he cannot always be at home when he feels like it,’ the lawyer told The Rock N Roll Daily.

But Lionel is determined to make an impression, even if it comes with a few surprises for those gathered at The Barclays Center in Brooklyn tonight to elect three performers who shaped the history of rock and roll: Elvis Presley, Chuck Berry and the legendary rock and roll artist, John Lennon.

Rocker: Lisa Parigi is the second most important woman in his life

Lionel Richie, 40, was introduced to his girlfriend by music legend Les Paul

Lionel has his eyes on a Grammy for best new artist this year – but he doesn’t let it go to his head. He plans to give the award to Parigi.

And he’s considering an appearance on the MTV reality show Rock N’ Roll Reunion, where the winner gets to move to a New York studio and record a one-hour special.

But first, he will perform in Brooklyn tonight. He says he fears that while his singing is great, he sometimes stumbles in his lyrics and does not always have the right words.

But his audience is not concerned about his performance.

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