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LaLiga is changing her name to LaLiga

LaLiga is changing her name to LaLiga

This soccer-mad L.A. Latina has attended seven World Cups. Qatar will make it eight. Now they’re in France.

And this L.A. Latina is about to change her name to LaLiga, which stands for League of Legends, the popular multiplayer online battle arena set in fantasy fiction that is still one of the most accessible games in the world.

As she prepared to face France in the opening match of its first World Cup finals, LaLiga was going through a name change. On her mind: Déja vu.

“I’ve already had experience with Déja vu,” LaLiga said. “It’s been a really exciting experience, being part of the Paris Saint-Germain youth team and then coming to the World Cup. It will be very special again.”

But this L.A. Latina, with her family and her team, will not be playing for the U.S. L.A. team. The first and biggest name to change is LaLiga herself, who will be heading into the World Cup as J.Miguel (or Miguel as she is popularly called).

“I’m coming because I want to have fun and I want to make it look good on the pitch,” LaLiga said. “I want to support my team but I have to think of who I will be, what I am: Déja vu.”

Déja vu? LaLiga’s new stage name for her first World Cup?

Yes, it’s a very strange and rare experience. And, for the first time in her career, she didn’t have to go alone.

A Déja vu World Cup

LaLiga’s grandfather, a retired coach, agreed to take her and her family across the seas.

“We chose France and Germany because they are similar to L.A.,” the 24-year-old said. “I have many family and friends there. They will be with me.”


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