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Josh Earnest defends his administration’s position on abortion

Josh Earnest defends his administration’s position on abortion

Reporter confronts White House press secretary on abortion: ‘What about the child’s right to life?’

WASHINGTON—Journalists at the White House Press Corps were confronted by White House press secretary Josh Earnest on Thursday about the administration’s position on abortion and what he called the “frenzy” of pro-Life media in the news media.

“I don’t really have a great way to put this to you, Josh,” said a reporter addressing Earnest at the White House Press Briefing room. “I’m not really sure there’s a right answer.

“If we could be so bold as to suggest one, it would be that the life of the unborn is not more important than the life of the mother,” the reporter continued.

“We just don’t have the authority to make those decisions,” Press Secretary Earnest retorted. “And if you really think about it, if you don’t have the authority, what are you doing in the White House instead of being in the Senate passing laws?”

“But the right answer is: let’s not legislate this,” the reporter replied.

The conversation came after the White House Press Secretary used his weekly media briefing to address the current state of the abortion debate in America as a whole.

In the briefing, Earnest defended his administration’s position on abortion, saying that the issue of abortion in America has changed over the past four decades and that the government should not intervene in a woman’s decision to have an abortion.

“I think what we have been saying on this issue is that when it comes to decisions on abortion that people are faced with a difficult decision that we all make and for which we have to make the best choice for them as individuals, but at the same time, you know, we have to respect that women have the right to

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