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John Lennon’s Dodger Stadium Farewell Concert Was Private

John Lennon's Dodger Stadium Farewell Concert Was Private

Goodbye, Elton John: Inside the music legend’s final Dodger Stadium concert

John’s final Dodger Stadium show on Friday night was a private affair. Here’s what you need to know about the farewell concert.

John and Dodger management have reached an agreement to end John’s contract to play at the baseball stadium.

The agreement calls for John to play eight concerts in spring 2019, four in 2019, and two each in 2020, 2021 and 2022. As part of the deal, John will not be required to wear a Dodger uniform anytime he plays in the stadium.

The stadium holds 49,500 seats — almost 10 percent of the city’s population. A private club will be built, and Dodger games will be broadcast on the stadium’s new HD box.

John’s final Dodger Stadium concert was his most private.

The announcement made a lot of fans happy. He’s played 11 concerts at the stadium and had one of the biggest live shows ever, according to his Facebook page and his tweets at the time.

But some fans were not happy.

“John is an iconic icon and he will always be remembered for his influence and music,” wrote one of his fans. “He will be remembered not only as one of the best singers of his generation and a great songwriter, but to have represented our country as an individual. Please do not take him out of the game.”

The other fan wrote, “John Lennon was a true rebel and in any event, he is not a Dodger and is certainly not our type of artist. The Dodgers will not be adding any more John Lennon’s and I doubt they will be adding any more people who look or sound like David Bowie. They are not, and were never, a music venue.”

The fans were concerned that John’s departure will affect the stadium’s history.

“The history of the stadium will not be a ‘John Lennon Stadium’ without him,” wrote another fan.

John didn’t immediately reply to that comment.

“I’m devastated to hear that, I love the Dodger Stadium and so many in the Dodgers organization are close to me,” he said in a statement. “I’ll be doing everything in my power to fill the stage and stadium with my musical magic the rest of the 2015 season

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