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Christopher and Shonda Coleman-Coleman sentenced to prison for life

Christopher and Shonda Coleman-Coleman sentenced to prison for life

Chrisley children get biblical in defense of their parents after prison sentencing

After being convicted of several armed robberies, Christopher and Shonda Coleman-Coleman were sentenced to prison for life. They were in prison at the time of today’s press conference.

“Christopher and Shonda Coleman-Coleman’s incarceration is the ultimate loss of parental rights and a sentence in violation of the Constitution, the laws and the Constitution,” said Chief U.S. District Court Judge Robert Shelby.

“The Court finds that the evidence of record does not support the conclusions of fact and conclusions of law set forth in the PSI, and therefore adopts those conclusions.”

“The children have been, and continue to be, irrevocably, irreparably damaged by their father’s criminal conduct,” the Chief Judge said.

“They are now and remain deeply troubled. They need, and will need, close, supportive, and permanent family members to help them cope with their suffering.”

“But they need you and we need you now more than ever.”

Chief Judge Shelby acknowledged that both children were “not in the court room” but that they were the only parents in their life.

“No one understands the pain we all feel more than they do.”

The court ordered both parents to meet with Drs James DeYoe and James R. Martin to prepare reports, which will be submitted to the court for the purposes of sentencing.

In the meantime, the children were placed in temporary guardianship over them by the state and their mother was placed in protective custody.

The Chief Judge also ordered the state to pay travel expenses to get them to court and to provide for care of them while they were in the custody of the state.

The Chief Judge also asked the state to review every aspect of Christopher Coleman-Coleman’s prison sentence, and then determine the appropriate amount of restitution before returning him to state

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